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  1. Yea
    Yea! I’m so excited I’ve found your blog! I’m an OT (and mommy to 2) working in home health. So nice to have a clear site that I can share with my parents!

  2. I’m a PT working in early intervention and am sure I will be referring parents to your site! Found you through Pinterest! Thanks for posting all this!

  3. Regarding severe diaper rash, my grandson had it so bad his bottom would bleed, the very best resolution is a dry bottom then put a layer of monastat women’s yeast cream and rub in, then apply a layer of diaper rash cream and rub in, then a light sprinkle of powder. Believe me it works because diaper rash is basically a yeast infection.

  4. I found that the layering process was the best solution however I use a later of bacitracin or any Neosporin then the diaper rash cream… The ointment really “cured” the rash and the cream was for comfort….

  5. I am wondering about how to help my very active, and sometimes aggressive, son. He often wants to wrestle and tackle people. How can I better channel that energy? Thanks!

  6. I’m so glad I’ve found you Mama OT! I too am an OT in the UK (neuro) and I had my baby girl 10 weeks ago. I have terrible ‘baby brain’ at the min and have been lacking stimulation from my work, which I adore. This site is helping me recall all sorts of previous learning; being an OT I have felt I should know more to be able to support my daughters development…your posts help me remember elements of my training and are so helpful! Thank you for creating mama OT, I’ll be logging on regularly!

  7. I’m an SLP (and currently work with adults). Glad I found your site since I am due in June and haven’t worked with children since grad school! Great motor concepts and I like how you back it up with resources from research and neuroscience. I’m a fan! :)

  8. Hi I am so happy that I found this website. I just started caring for my 3 month nephew for the next year along with my two step nephews (ages 11 & 8). My sister and brother-in-law have two older boys Monday and Tuesday during the week. So I have all three boys after school . I have a little Bentley Monday through Friday. Anyway my keeping Bentley Monday through Friday for the next year I feel like I am an important person (besides his mom & dad) in his life and I want to be of much help as I can. I want to help him in all areas. He is already starting to get a flat spot on the back of his head and I’m just trying to find ways to help him so that they can avoid the helmet. Thank you so much for your blog and many help. I have been a nanny for several families in the past and have been out of college two years.

  9. This is a wonderful website not only for new mamma’s but also for Nana’s like me! Each grandchild is as different as your own child was; but the thing that never changes is the instinct within me to calm a crying child and to help out my own children as they become a new Mom and Dad…..however many times you need to just stand back and let them figure it out so your not coming across-ed as ‘all-knowing’ because… after all, you are only the ‘Nana’, NOT the parent; and they will grow to know what’s the very best for their own child. I love this web because it’s an outside help that I can chose to pass on or not….and so far…..Im passing it all on, what I’ve read so far! So I thank you and will be returning to make sure comforting hasn’t changed through the years like so much else has…. Nana Robin

  10. Hi! I just came across you blog searching for information. I am a COTA and I am expecting my first child in Sept. I work in an SNF so I am rusty on peds. I was just wondering if you have any advice or if you have ever done a previous blog about products for babies… more so along the lines of best types of products to get such as mobiles for the crib and other things like that to spark the development of the newborn. Thanks! =)

  11. Hi. I was actually recommended to your site by my 4-year old occupational therapist. He has been going since February 2014 and I’m so happy with his progress so far. I quickly browsed through the site yesterday and I really enjoy the information. I will definitely visit this website more often.

  12. Hello! I’m a mom from Spain. My six year old boy is autistic and I’m always looking for new ways to encourage him. I’ll be following you.

  13. Hi! I randomly came across your site. I’m also a pediatric OT in Canada and I have 3 sons, 5 & 3 years and a 4-months old.

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