Official launch of Mama OT!

After several months of dreaming and brainstorming, I am excited to announce the official launch of Mama OT. My vision for this blog is that you will find practical tips and tricks to care for children, whether you are raising your own or caring for someone else’s. These tidbits of insight are inspired by my many adventurous experiences as both a new mom and pediatric occupational therapist.

You have no clue how many ideas are swirling around in this sleep-deprived brain of mine! Someday I hope to expand into a greater range and number of topics (pregnancy, product reviews, issues related to children older than 5…oh the ideas!), but for now I will keep it simple and stick to the categories you see on the right-hand side of the home page. You can read more about me and the story behind this blog by hopping over to the Who is Mama OT? page.

Go ahead and check out the few pages and posts I’ve already written in order to get things rolling. If you like what you see so far and want to be kept in the loop, consider subscribing to this blog or adding me to your Google Reader so you can be updated of new posts. And if, after you subscribe (hint, hint), you think one post in particular is totally awesome, feel free to share it on Pinterest by clicking the “Pin it” button at the bottom of each post.

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So have fun clicking around, leave a comment or two, and stay in touch as Mama OT moves forward!


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